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USA Detox Centers

USA Detox Centers

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There are a little over 1,500 detox centers in the United States that provide some type of residential or hospital inpatient detoxification facilities.

Let us help you understand the differences and assist you in locating detox professionals who can provide exactly what you need.

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How much do detox centers cost? Detoxification programs can typically cost between $500 and $1,500 per day. The price range can include different factors such as setting and environment, approach used, location and support staff. Insurance will usually pay for it since it most often done under a doctor's supervision, whether it is considered a medical detox or a drug-free detox. We can help explain more about detox centers when you contact us.

What is Detoxification?

Learn about different detox methods

According to the Mirriam-Webster online dictionary, to detoxify means: to free (as a drug user or an alcoholic) from an intoxicating or an addictive substance in the body or from dependence on or addiction to such a substance.

There are varying methods of detox services that these different programs can provide, much of it depending on the types and amounts of alcohol and drugs being used by the client.

The most common forms of detoxification include outpatient detox, which is usually more of a slow tapering process; residential drug-free detox, where there may be a weaning process or abrupt stop in usage depending on the drug and severity of withdrawal symptoms; or a medical detox, which is in more of an inpatient hospital-type setting with a greater emphasis on medical staff and is closely overseen by a doctor who typically prescribes short-term drug substitutes to avoid shock or seizures.

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